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Track Cleaning Kit TC01 - for Airfix/HornbyLMS Stanier Guard's van

Are you fed up having to clean your track with messy track rubbers everytime your loco stutters to a halt on dirty track. Our track cleaning device is designed to fit your own Airfix/Hornby LMS Stanier Guards van (or with a little ingenuity can be fitted into other vehicles such a modern 4 wheel wagons of similar wheelbase) and can save you time as it cleans the track every time you run a train. The innovative plastic coated turned brass roller will not short out the rails should the cloth be allowed to wear away. The device is designed to be a maintence cleaner used during operating sessions and exhibitions hence it's unique disguise as a British outline vehicle (the device represents the ballast box which is missing from the guards van). The roller has a slight scrubbing action due to friction in the frame as it is guided along and you will be surprised by how much dirt is collected in just a short time (with or without cleaning fluid).
Product Details

Suitable for 4mm EM, P4, OO gauges.
The kit is presented in a box which is suitable to store the track cleaning device in. It contains an insulated brass roller, Nickel-silver etch (flat), HSS drill bit, self tapping screws, pack of 10 pre-cut cleaning cloths with a template to cut your own and building instructions.

For an additional cost, we can build up the frame of the track cleaning device for you - ready to fit into your brakevan. .
TC01 Unbuilt price 24.95
TC01B Built up price 31.95
TC01C Pre-cut Track Cleaning cloths (10 Pack).                         
Price  4.75
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(Kit does not include Guard's Van) 
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