Buffer Stop Kits
BS01  Midland Standard Buffer Stop Kit
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BS02  LMS/BR Buffer Stop Kit
BS03  Southern Railway Buffer Stop Kit
               Rail built buffer beam.
BS04  Southern Railway Buffer Stop Kit
               Timber buffer beam
BS05  Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway
               Buffer Stop Kit
BS06  Caledonian Railway "Ordinary"
               Buffer Stop Kit
BS07  Caledonian Railway "Surface"
               Buffer Stop Kit - Timber
BS08 Caledonian Railway "Surface"
               Buffer Stop Kit - Rail
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BS09 Highland Railway Buffer Stop Kit
BS10 North British Railway Buffer Stop Kit
BS11 London & North Western Railway  Buffer Stop Kit. Rail built buffer beam.
BS12 Great Western Railway Long Leg   Buffer Stop Kit. Timber and Rail  buffer      beams.
BS13 Great Western Railway Standard Buffer Stop Kit. Timber and Rail  buffer      beams.
BS14 Great Western Railway 'short' Buffer Stop Kit. Timber and Rail  buffer      beams. Bay platforms and goods sheds 
BS15 North Eastern Railway 'Late standard' Buffer Stop Kit. Timber and Rail  buffer      beams. Sidings and bay platforms.
BS16 North Eastern Railway 'Cast Iron' Buffer Stop Kit. Timber and cast iron bracket. Sidings and bay platforms.
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BS00  Wooden Buffer Beam with your choice of 2 buffers