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After completing the test builds of our chassis and fitting them into a few of my own kit built locos I offer a few observations. Our Stanier chassis can fit into the Brassmasters tender and everything lines up well - just a couple of millimetre to take off the rear end to clear the bufferbeam assembly and new fixing holes to drill in the body.
The older DJH Stanier tender has mainframes that are too deep by 1.25mm so our frame stretchers or the DJH frames require height adjustment. The later DJH tender as on my 8F kit is correct and our chassis lines up well. 
The Fowler Chassis fits various kits and RTR tenders, some with slight modification to the model, but the DJH Fowler tender again has the frames too deep by more than 1mm so the height adjustment will be necessary to either the frames or our frame stretchers. Also the cut-outs on the underside of the tank to clear the wheel flanges need to be enlarged to clear the suspension movement of the wheels. 
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