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TL02 EXPO Individual HSS Twist Drills
Available in sizes 0.3-1.0 mm 
                              or  0.5-2.00 mm 
 Useful for attaching chassis, couplings etc  in metal and plastic
For fitting buffers, drilling pilot holes and with self tapping screws
Track Cleaning Kits
TL03  2.2 x 6 mm  self tapping screws     
             (pack of 20)
For use with metal and plastic
TL05 Solder Wire 145 degrees C
             1 metre of 1.5 mm solid wire
For use with Carr's yellow or green label liquid flux on brass or nickel silver. Not suitable for white metal.
TL04 2.2 x 6 mm  self tapping screws ( 10-pack)
              with 1.7 mm EXPO HSS Twist Drill    
TL01 EXPO 8-piece HSS Twist Drill set
TL06 EXPO plastic compatible oil in syringe
For use on locomotive axle bearings, wagon axle bearings and can be used sparingly on motor bearings. Plastic compatible.
TL07 Thread Lock by EXPO Tools (10 ml)
Use for locking nuts and fixing wheels and gears onto axles
TL08 EXPO German Made Cutting Broach Set
          Sizes 0.6 mm to 2.0 mm 
Use for opening out pre-drilled holes for the fitting of valve gear rivets & handrail knobs.